3DSS™, where bathymetry meets 3D imagery.

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Shallow Water Mapping

High-density IHO Exclusive Order bathymetry covering swath widths from 6 to 14 times water depth.   Learn more...

Chesapeake seafloor profile
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Underwater Structures

High-resolution imaging and mapping of complex 3D geometries.   Learn more...

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Coherent Side Scan

Standard side scan enhanced with coherent suppression of water-column and sea-surface clutter.  

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3D Side Scan

Raw 3D imagery visualized in Ping DSP's real-time point cloud software.

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Compact 3D side scan sonar, dual side, 450 kHz.
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Third-Party Software

Fully integrated with popular third-party acquisition and post-processing software.  



Ping DSP on the Cover of Sea Technology Magazine!

Ping DSP’s 3DSS data made it onto the cover of the June issue of Sea Technology magazine! The cover image features 3D-imagery data taken from our March 2023 virtual demo of Cascade Locks Marine Park. The 3D imagery clearly depicts the lock and other structures. Even small features, like staircases, are clearly recognizable in the data.

Jun 6

DIANA Demo Day - Seattle, WA.

NATO DIANA’s accelerator program through PNW MAC culminated in Demo Day: an opportunity for the innovation cohort companies to present their technology. The 3DSS was on display along with other amazing innovations from the cohort companies. We had the opportunity to give a short pitch, which we have been practicing throughout the program. This was followed by an opportunity for military and industry leaders to ask questions and explore the displays.

May 27-30

Canadian Hydrographic Conference 2024 - St. John's, NL, Canada.

We had the privilege of sharing a booth with Norbit Subsea for the Canadian Hydrographic Conference. It was great to see them and connect with many of our customers and reps.

Apr 25-26

NATO DIANA Outreach Days - Washington, DC.

Ping DSP was fortunate to be able to attend NATO DIANA’s Outreach Days in Washington, DC. This event was a chance to put the 3DSS in front of military and commercial end users who would be otherwise out of reach. It was also a great chance to connect with many of the other innovators in the DIANA program. We attended a similar event in Amsterdam in the Netherlands in March of 2024, which was also very successful.

Mar 12-14

Oceanology International 2024 - London, UK.

James and Kurtis had a great time at Oceanology International 2024. It was great to see many of our costumers and partners at the show. Alongside the 3DSS was our new collaboration with Seaber: a 3DSS module for their YUCO AUV. The new product is still in development, but we have hopes of announcing the launch later in 2024.

Feb 6-7

Seine River Demo - Paris, France.

With the help of NORBIT Sunsea, we had the opportunity to spend two days on the Seine River in Paris, France. We took several potential customers out to see the 3DSS in action and had a chance to do a complete survey of a portion of the river. Reach out to us if you’re interested in seeing the results!

Jan 8-11

Hypack 2024 - Savannah, Georgia.

Ping DSP was at Hypack 2024 right next to Norbit Subsea. This was the first time the two companies have exhibitioned together since Ping joined the Norbit family back in November. We were pleased to display a mockup of our new collaboration with Seaber: a YUCO USV with an integrated 3DSS. We are very excited to launch this new vehicle in the coming months!

Nov 30

NATO DIANA Innovation Accelerator.

We are very excited to have been selected as a participant in NATO’s inaugural Defense Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA). DIANA aims to solve complex security and defense problems through collaboration and innovation. Of the 1,300 applications that were received, we are honoured to be selected as one of the 44 organizations to participate. Our proposed solution will address the Sensing and Surveillance challenge, and we are very eager to begin work on the project in January.

In addition to funding, DIANA offers an Accelerator Program, which will give us access to experts, facilities, and resources from throughout NATO. We look forward to working with DIANA and our new NATO partners to significantly impact and advance underwater environmental visualization and object detection.

Stay tuned for updates in the coming months!


Partnership with Norbit Subsea.

Ping DSP is pleased to announce that it has joined the Norbit family. Norbit is well known for their multibeam sonar systems and other underwater solutions. With Norbit’s help, we hope to further promote the 3DSS and explore new applications for underwater 3D imagery. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.

Sep 20-21

Lakebed 2030 - Traverse City, Michigan.

Ping DSP attended the Lakebed 2030 conference at Northwestern Michigan College. In addition to the 3DSS, we were excited to announce our partnership with Seaber. We are looking forward to completing our integration on their AUV sometime in 2024.

Jul 26

Second Online 3DSS Sonar System Demo.

We had another successful demo thanks to Telestra Technologies, this one was on Lake Monroe near Deltona, Florida. We focussed on the capabilities and settings of the 3DSS while observing the underwater environment of the lake.

Mar 15

Online Demo of the 3DSS Sonar System.

Thanks to Telestra Technologies and Northwest Hydro, we hosted our first virtual demo at Cascade Locks Marine Park on the Columbia River. We surveyed an abandoned, submerged lock and the 3DSS produced some amazing 3D imagery.


Sunken Barge just outside our office.

Just off the end of the pier outside our office at Deep Cove, there is a sunken rail barge. The 3DSS did a great job capturing a clear image of the wreck, and produced accurate bathymetry of the whole area.

Feb 14-16

WEST 2023 - San Diego, California.

Ping DSP is greatful to have been part of the Canadian Delegation at WEST 2023. Despite the last few quiet years, the 3DSS-iDX generated a lot of buzz.

Feb 14-16

Oceanology International 2023 - San Diego, California.

After a 3-year hiatus, Ping DSP was pleased to attend OI Americas 2023. As part of the Canada Pavilion, we are proud to have showcased our 3DSS-iDX alongside other innovative Canadian technology.


Oceanology International 2023 & WEST 2023 - San Diego, California.

We are thrilled to be attending two fantstic conferences next month: Oceanology International Americas 2023 and WEST 2023. Come find our booths and see some of the exciting projects we have been working on over the last little while.

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