A compact dual transducer 3D sidescan for over-the-side pole-mounted and small AUV applications.

Basic Specifications
Frequency 450 kHz
Beamwidth 0.4°
Dimensions 57 cm × ø9.8 cm
Weight in Air 8 kg
Typical Power
18 W
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  • Proven Bathymetry Accuracy and Repeatability (IHO Exclusive Order).
  • High Resolution True 3D Imagery.
  • Real-time 3D point cloud display and target capture software.
  • Simultaneous 3D Side-scan, 2D Side-scan, and Bathymetry data outputs.
  • Wide swath coverage, up to 14 times water depth.
  • Patented processing techniques as well as beamforming eliminates multipath and surface reflection interference.
  • Support for 3rd party hydrographic survey hardware and software.
  • Compact, Low Power, easy-to-use. Suitable for ASV and AUV applications.

The 3DSS-DX utilizes state-of-the-art acoustic transducer array technologies, SoftSonar™ electronics, and advanced signal processing techniques to produce superior swath bathymetry and 3D side-scan imagery. This patented technology is able to resolve multiple concurrent acoustic arrivals, separating backscatter from the seabed, sea-surface, water-column and multipath arrivals. The result is stunning 3D side-scan imagery spanning the entire water-column, and superior swath bathymetry from a compact, easy-to-use sonar.

  • Shallow Water Hydrographic Surveys
  • Habitat Mapping
  • Shallow Water IED Mine-hunting (MCM) Detection
  • Port & Harbor Security
  • Marine Debris Search
  • Subsea structure surveying / inspection
  • Dredging Operations
  • Underwater archaeology
  • ASV and AUV applications
  • Tailings Pond Surveys

Bundled with the 3DSS-DX-450 is a feature-rich software suite allowing users to take full advantage of the sensors capabilities without additional third-party software. Some of the features provided include:

  • Raw-data visualization in both high-resolution 3D point cloud and traditional 2D sidescan formats.
  • Full control over sonar operating parameters including range, transmit pulse, gain settings, and more.
  • Raw-data recording for future playback or post processing in third party applications.
  • Bathymetric chart display overlaying pitch-corrected bathymetry onto a user provided navigational chart.
  • Target-capture and measurement capabilities.

The 3DSS-DX-450 is also compatible with popular third-party applications such as Hypack, SonarWiz, CARIS, and QINSy.